Jack Flicker

Jack Flicker, Sandia National Laboratories has B.S. degrees from Penn State University in Physics and Chemistry (2006) and a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Georgia Tech (2011). After graduate school, Jack joined Sandia National Laboratories as a postdoctoral appointee focusing in power semiconductor reliability in photovoltaic applications, and is currently a Principal Member of the Technical Staff. His research focuses on all aspects of power electronics and power conversion systems that enable improvements in power system operation: from incorporation of new materials and devices in power conversion systems to utilizing new topologies and controls at the system level. Jack’s research touches on all areas of the power electronics value chain ranging from usage of new devices (wide- and ultra-wide bandgap semiconductors) to new topologies and controls to evaluation of system-level behavior. The nature of his work spans multiple TRL levels and incorporates everything from basic analysis to optimization and simulation to experiment and field-deployment.