Waqar Qureshi

  Waqar Qureshi is the General Manager Asset Management for Wellington Electricity, the 4th largest New Zealand Electricity Utility Company in New Zealand supplying electricity to New Zealand’s capital and the greater Wellington region. This involves managing 0.8 billion dollars in assets of the utility. He is an experienced leader who leads by example. He has a wealth of knowledge of the energy sector and is a subject matter expert when it comes to electricity markets, Infrastructure management, sustainability, decarbonization, climate risk on infrastructure, engineering and large program & portfolio management.

Waqar is the leading professional and executive in New Zealand Energy Sector. Before this appointment, he served as General Manager Electricity Network for Horizon Networks and General Manager of Information Technology for Horizon Energy Group in New Zealand. He has held the role of Head of Asset Management and Innovation for Horizon Networks and Senior Transmission Advisor for the Electricity Generation and Retail sector for several years.

Waqar is an engineer by background with a doctorate qualification from the University of Auckland in 2013.

Waqar has a strong industry leadership footprint and is deeply involved in the New Zealand and global industries groups such as IEEE PES either as a member or through thought leadership and governance. He has been an IEEE Volunteer for 15 years and has held several office positions for IEEE PES local and regional chapters.